The Case of the Felonious Felines In order for you to understand this article, I have to make a confession. I don’t want to but its necessary or this won’t make any sense. Ok, here it is: I was one of the worst cat haters of all time. Then Leroy came into my life. Leroy is an example of Grace; he was receiving a blessing when I deserved a curse. I got him when he was too young to even eat solid food, he spent the first few weeks eating from a little baby bottle made just for that purpose. I wasn’t sure when I got him why I got him, I still don’t know why other than I’m a sucker for crying women. He was what we locally call a Wal Mart special; I first saw him in the arms of a woman with tears in her eyes outside the door. She said her landlord wouldn’t let her keep him and her husband was going to take him to the river unless she could find a home for him. Normally I would say ‘good riddance’, normally I would have gladly taken him. But in this case something was different. That was about 4 years ago, and he is now a full grown cat, and I love him. I guess its also important that you understand that concept. Love isn’t a word I toss around a lot at random, I think it’s lost its meaning these days. People love chocolate, they love their car, they love vacation, they love this and that. Personally I think that word is a special word that should only be used with precision. When I say I love someone, I use the word with precision, and I love my cat. Last year about this time, the unthinkable happened; Leroy somehow got out. He had spent his whole life inside; the only time he had been outside was when he was in my arms going to or from the vet. I think he got out when we were carrying groceries in and then panicked when we had some loud thunder and/or some local fireworks scared him. I was beside myself with grief, we had ads in the paper, ads on every electric pole in town. We had a $50 reward for him although I was prepared to pay $150. But I didn’t ever expect to see him again. I cried myself senseless at the thought of him being out there with the big dogs (he is declawed), cars, and sicknesses he could have got. I was even more worried about people, people like me. The thought of what people like me might do to a gentle thing like him was more than I could bear. I would have killed anyone who hurt him (another confession). My wife held out more hope than I did, we had considered getting another cat for him to be pals with before he got out and when we checked at the local animal shelter for him, we found another cat, a big white and black maine coone that we adopted and named Malachai. Finally after he was missing 3 weeks we got him back, he turned up about a half a mile from home. He had found his way to a woman who attracted cats; she didn’t want the reward, but I bought her 100 pounds of cat food instead. Other than being terrified, dehydrated and having a broken tooth he was ok; when we got him home he flopped down on our bed in front of the air conditioner and stayed there for a few days. Now, a year later, He has been acting like he wants to escape again and Malachai is doing the same thing. I don’t know Malachai’s background, and I don’t know what Leroy went through and how his tooth got broken but I know it wasn’t fun. Their wanting to get out so badly makes me mad, here they have everything they need, everything they could want, they have complete safety. And yet they want out. I guess that’s part of the cat nature in them, driving them to do stupid things. To be honest, I’m just as bad; I rebel all the time except I shouldn’t call it rebellion, I should call it for what it is. Sin. God sets down the rules, and I insist on doing what I want. The reasons he makes the rules and I break them is the same as why I make the rules and the cats break them. The difference is that they can only do what their nature drives them to do; I have a choice. God made laws for our benefit, not to trip us up or to make things hard for us; He knows the end results of what happens when we do things He tells us not to do. He knows that worshipping anything other than Him (that includes worshipping nothing) is a dead end and can only end in death for us. He knows that when we get into affairs and porn will only end in pain and misery for us, in spite of what we try to convince ourselves of. Every rule He puts in place is for our protection. If we were to believe in evolution, we would be brainwashed into believing that we’re just animals and it’s natural for us to follow our animal urges. But we’re NOT just animals, we’re much, much more. The bodies we’re in are animals, but the bodies aren’t us, we’re spirit beings. These bodies will act like animals, they will try to drive us to random sex, like dogs. These bodies will try to drive us to kill, like sharks. These bodies will try to drive us to pursue ‘creature comforts’. But we’re not creatures, in spite of what evolution would have us believe. We can control these urges and impulses. Leroy can’t, Malachai can’t, we can. That’s what separates us from them, we have a choice. If you’re old enough to remember  Flip Wilson, you’ll remember what his famous one liner : “the devil made me do it.” Satan would love for us to believe that, to believe that we’re under his control. Real Christians aren’t controlled, they control themselves, and THAT is the purest form of freedom. We all have the choice: be controlled and be fooled into thinking it’s us. So which do you prefer to be, a puppet that fools itself into thinking it’s free? Or do you want to be really free?
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