The Spirit is Willing... but the Hamster is Too Tasty. No one could possibly ask for a better friend. She is with me all the time. When I get mad and yell, she forgives me, when I get involved in my own affairs and forget hers, she forgives me. When I get a glass of water and don't get her one, she tolerates it. She's too big to fit in the bed so she has to sleep under it but she doesn't mind. No, she isn't my wife she's my dog, Lucy. She finally learned that she has to tell me when certain things have to happen and unless we're gone all day and she's here alone there are fewer accidents now. She is without a doubt the gentlest dog that I have ever seen for her size. I have never heard her growl and have never seen her show a tooth. She would be the perfect dog if it weren't for the little things. She wants to eat the little things. The hamster, the guinea pig, the rat, the bird, she wants to eat all of them. The hamster is a dwarf hamster and she is so little that I don't think she even knows Lucy is alive, the rat knows but seems to know that she is under our protection and hangs on the bars of her cage and taunts Lucy. The guinea pig is another story because he lives in an open aquarium close to the floor. He once had an attitude and has been known to bite but now seems to be neurotic. I guess it was Lucy drooling all over him that did it. Maybe he thought it was rain at first but he eventually sensed something was wrong, especially when he looked up and saw the giant nose inches above his neck. He can usually see out, unless the hot dog breath fogs up his walls. As far as guinea pigs go, he's a big one, but he would only make a snack for Lucy. I have yelled at her, dragged her away, whacked her in the butt, banished her from the room and she will come right back the first time she gets a chance. She wants that pig. But the pig is big and the hamster is but a mouthful, so I guess Lucy thinks she could gulp her down and no one would notice. She will sit for hours, all day and all night, gazing on what she can't have, dreaming, wanting, coveting. If I call her while she has the little things on her mind, she will look away at me, wag her tail, and turn right back to the critters. She wants to be good, I can see it in her eyes. Sometimes she glances from me and back at the cage over and over, (I guess she hopes there will be a prison break) wanting to be with me but unable to tear herself away from the little snacks. I know, it's her nature, she has no choice. God made her that way. She has an excuse. We don't. In spite of what we want to believe, we have a choice. We can look away, we can walk away. We might think we can't, we might think that we have to have this or do that and we can't help how we feel, but we can help it. Lucy is a slave to her nature, God didn't give her a choice. We aren't slaves to anyone or anything, at least our minds aren't. Our bodies might be a slave to a wheelchair, a cane, a dialysis machine, or prison bars, but our willpower is ours. People can tell us where to go, when to go there, what to do when we get there, and how long to do it. They cannot tell us what to think. The old folks among us will remember a comedian named Flip Wilson. Flip was famous for a saying that he started. "The devil made me do it." It got a lot of laughs, especially the way he did it. The truth is, the devil can't make us do anything. Whoops, that hurt, didn't it? We like to blame our trouble on him and most of it, we can. In regard to what we do, think, and say, we can't pin it on him, the blame goes to us. When we see that girl, or that guy in those jeans that we think we can't take our eyes off of, we have a choice. A moth can't look away from the flame, but we can look away from things that affect us in a negative way. God gave us a choice. Along with that choice, he also gave us a promise. He promised (and still promises) that he will provide a way out of every temptation. He also promises us that he will never allow us to be tempted beyond our limits. We may, and probably will have to look hard to find it, but that way out will be there. Some ways out are easier to see and take than others. It's easier not to wear tight jeans in the first place, that way no one who is weak in that area will be affected. You never thought of it that way? If we cause somebody to sin, we're just as much at fault as they are. We can always say "So I offered him a drink, he didn't have to take it", but if he happened to be an alcoholic, he would find it very hard not to accept it. Very hard, but not impossible. We also can't blame our problems on addictions. We can't blame them on anything except our weak natures. We can do what's wrong, or we can do what's right. God never said doing what was right would be easy, just worth it. It's your choice. As a footnote, I didn't want to mention this at this point because it should cover an entire article all by itself but having said that we will not be tempted beyond our limit I have to say this. People think that the devil is some great and powerful force equal and opposite of God and that he does what he wants. That's wrong. The devil is a created being, just like you and I. He is under God's law and power, just like you and I. He isn't an equal, he doesn't call the shots. He does what God allows him to do and ONLY what God allows him to do. If he had his will, the devil would torment us with things that we wouldn't have a chance of resisting. But he doesn't have his will. He does what he is allowed and no more. For now, that's enough said on the matter.
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