Usually if I use real people in an article I change the names; this time I’m not. I’m naming names and not a bit sorry to do so, because somebody has to. I get all my news online, no TV and I rarely get newspapers because the news depresses me. This morning I seemed to be flooded with articles, photos, and websites of the stupidest and most blasphemous type. Then I ran across an article by Lee Iacocca. I’ve always respected him for having common sense and integrity. This article was no exception. It was an excerpt from a book he wrote called “Where Have All the Leaders Gone?” I don’t know how long they leave news items online but I’m providing a link because I think it should be read  here. In the first line he said: “Where the hell is our outrage?” I didn’t immediately connect this article with the others until later when I was sitting on my mower cutting grass. Then it hit me with all of its force, and I simultaneously wanted to cry and scream in rage. He is absolutely right, and I agree with everything I read in the article but I need to apply it to Christians more than government (Which is what his book is about) and I have to ask, Where the hell is our outrage? We as Christians should be screaming at how God is being portrayed and what’s being said and taught in His name. As if the offenses aren’t enough our reaction is even horrendous. We sit in our houses, watch TV, read newspapers, read news articles online, go to “Christian” chat rooms, see enough blasphemy to make us puke….. and we do nothing. No longer for me.  No longer will I just read this garbage and tolerate it. This isn’t some distant divinity that no one can see yet we sing to and about. This is MY God, MY FATHER, MY KING the world is slandering and misquoting and I have no desire to stand before Him someday and provide an answer when He asks “Why did you let them say those things and yet carry on as if everything is fine? Why didn’t you take a stand on what you know to be true?”  It’s not that I would be terrified, although it wouldn’t be a fun experience. No, I would be embarrassed to have to admit that I just sat by and allowed the poison to be handed out like after dinner mints. Having made this commitment I’m not even sure where to start so I’ll start with the ones newest in my mind. There is a famous TV preacher named John Hagee who recently made the declaration that Katrina was God’s way of punishing New Orleans. The article is here  and I really suggest you at least look at the picture in it. I have several things to say to him and about his stupid statements. First, you pompous old loudmouthed windbag! Who appointed you to dictate who does and doesn’t incur God’s wrath? Second, if God decided to punish a city or a nation, why would it be New Orleans? There are much better choices that even I would consider first. There is Las Vegas where gambling and prostitution goes on 24 hours a day legally with the lawmakers consent. There is Atlantic City New Jersey and St Louis Missouri   where gambling also goes on round the clock, from which the city and state reap a large profit. There is Toluca Lake California where porn is produced and spread continuously. Evil goes on in every state, city, street, address, and room of every house in the world. But so does good. There are a lot of good decent Christians in New Orleans, there are a lot of good missions there and God’s word is being taught there as it is in every other location I mentioned above. If I was God I’d pick an easy target: Park Hills Missouri, where I live. We have a tattoo parlor and more meth labs than anyone can count. It would be an easy target because it sits on top of old lead mines that are several hundred feet deep and full of water. It also sits fairly close to the New Madrid Fault, one of the more infamous faults in the world. One quick easy zap and the fault goes off, the town disappears under several hundred feet of rock and water. I’m going to digress a bit and talk about what happens when God really gets mad. This whole article is mainly for Christians so I shouldn’t need to give the biblical references to this so I’ll put three words in: Sodom and Gomorrah. Now that’s what happens when God really gets mad. Not a little rain and some wind. Gone, every trace, not a brick or a gum wrapper left, Their names are gone and forgotten. That’s what happens when God runs out of patience. Nobody standing around scratching their head wondering ‘how are we gonna clean this up’ and trying to figure out whose to blame. No bringing in FEMA (Which if anything was God’s wrath THAT was), nothing, that entire part of the continent would be gone. Now back to Mr. Hagee, did you look at his photo? Notice the dour, hard, unforgiving, scowl? The news photographers didn’t catch that by accident. I grew up around them, I know how they work, they have motor drives on their cameras and they pick the one picture out of dozens and sometimes hundreds that they want. They used that photo because that’s how way too many of us are seen by the world. Hard, cold, unforgiving, red faced and scowling. For most of my life I really thought that God looked like Charlton Heston in a bathrobe, scowling. That’s the way the world sees us and it’s our fault, not God’s. So I’m saying now, publically that MR. Hagee, you are wrong and I for one will not just sit and let you lie about my King! One more afterthought as I proofread this: people are very smug in pronouncing that this disaster or that catastrophe was God’s wrath as long as it doesn’t happen to them. Next offender: Padre Pio, now in fairness to him, it’s not all his fault, he’s dead. He died 40 years ago. The real crime is with the Catholic Church. They declared him a saint, which in itself it wrong and not biblical. But then they exhume him and put what’s left of him on display so people can pray to him. Here is the link: Pio If he seems remarkably dashing for a guy that’s been dead for 40 years it’s because his face was in such bad shape they had a silicone mask made for him to wear instead. There are over 3 million people in the world who pray to him, The Catholic church states that more people pray to him than to Jesus. I have a few questions: If he’s so holy why is he dead? (MY God didn’t stay dead so why are people praying to a guy that stayed dead? Personally I’ll pray to the one who not only walked away but then floated away.)  If he can work all these miracles, why didn’t he work up a new face rather than have to wear a silicone one?   Why did they have to go get him, anyone holy could resurrect themselves (it’s been done before.) And finally and most importantly why does the Catholic church not only condone this but encourages it? Nothing about it is biblical, which MUST be our standard of measurement for everything. Could it be because of all the money they rake in? I’ve not been to the Vatican nor do I have any wish to but I have seen pictures of it. The place must be worth billions, I can’t even imagine how much money the pope wears every day. MY GOD wore plain simple clothes when He was here in person and the people who looked to Him didn’t go hungry and bare while He ate the best food and wore the best clothes money could buy.  So I’m saying now, publically to the Catholic Church, you are wrong and I for one will not just sit and let you pretend to speak for my King! Next disgrace is the Universal Life Church, which in itself is blasphemy but the current mindset the world has is even worse.  But I need to introduce the ULC first; This is a bunch that will ordain anyone anytime regardless of what they believe. What does the ULC believe anyway? Pretty much everything.  This is what they profess, taken from their website: The ULC is the only denomination in the world that opens its doors to all, and welcomes all who ask to Become an Ordained Minister. We are non-denominational. We support a full spectrum interfaith ministry. Over 20 million Universal Life Church ministers have been ordained online throughout the world. We make no religious hurdles, no hoops to jump through, no tests of loyalty, no rings to kiss and no fees to pay. The Universal Life Church represents freedom, and to have freedom you can not make demands upon individuals. In the Universal Life Church Monastery everyone is equal - the same level of greatness is enjoyed by all. We will be your personal minister/consulate and advisor, with your consent at no charge to you. We ordain all who ask and welcome you to the Universal Life Church Monastery Ministries. In other words, everybody believe whatever you want and it’s just fine. BULL. It’s terrible that people fall for this but it’s even more terrible that the world has been programmed to think that’s everybody can do whatever they want. Never disagree with anyone because you might offend them. There are by the way, three other places that I know of that teaches the do whatever you want garbage. Wiccans (wannabe witches) and the Ordo Templi Orientis and the Order of the Golden Dawn both of which are occult groups influenced by a fruitcake by the name of Aleister Crowley a card carrying lunatic that willingly served Satan. Of all the garbage spewed so far I think this is the worst, Mr. Hagee I have no doubt is a sincere Christian, misguided but sincere. The people who pray to a dead guy with a plastic mask are sincere, misguided by people who are entrusted to guide them in the right direction but sincere, but the notion that everybody believe whatever you want is just stupid and only takes a miniscule amount of common sense to know that could never work. I am publically stating that this mindset is wrong and anyone who calls themself a Christian must take a stand. And I don’t mean to sit there in your chair on your butt and say ‘amen!’ or ‘you tell em!’ or ‘hey, who do you think you are talking to me like that? You remove the log from your own eye, buddy!’ I know who I am and I’m removing the log right now, this very second. I could go on for hundreds of pages but if my readers don’t get the point by now I don’t think they will. I could talk about the nonsense that Oprah is spreading, I could talk about Scientology and its poison, I could talk about poor Shirley MacLaine and what she believes. A lot of people think she’s nuts, I don’t. I have no doubt that she saw what she said she saw but what she saw wasn’t what she thought it was.  Demons can take any shape it wants and will do so if it can influence a person that will be listened to. That was confusing but if you want to know about her you’ll have to research it for yourself. That’s another thing that Christians should do, now that I think about it. I hadn’t planned to go into this until just now but we (Christians) were never expected to be ignorant mindless livestock, sitting in our safe little houses with mental and spiritual blinders on. We are supposed to know what’s out there, and what the enemy is doing. I said I wasn’t going to provide a lot of biblical quotes here but I will provide this one: Be serious and keep watch; the Evil One, who is against you, goes about like a lion with open mouth in search of food; (1 Peter 5:8 BBE) I have respect for the Muslims, I don’t agree with them but I respect their sincerity and the diligence they place in the study of what they follow. I also respect the Jews, and I do believe a lot of what they believe and I respect their diligence. Unfortunately when Muslims don’t agree with something they result to violence. I wish Christians would at least take a stand and not just sit in their
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