This is a list of links for bible software, some for PC, some for mobile devices and some online bibles
Esword This is, in my opinion the best bible software in existence. Not only is it free but has literally thousands of modules available at Biblesupport. Most modules are free but some have to be bought. The maker of Esword doesn’t charge anything for any modules he provides but the publishers of the resource do charge. Buying modules isn’t necessary because there are more than enough to study any topic desired. You can get bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, maps etc, and books, entire books. I have hundreds.I strongly recommend it. Note that it doesn’t have an app for mobile devices.
MySword is what I reccommend for mobile devices. Like Esword it’s free but there is a ‘premium’ version for an extra fee. Like Esword, most of the modules are free and some can be downloaded from Biblesupport.
The Word is another good option. It also is free, with several free options with some modules that must be paid for.
Online Bibles
This is a list of online bibles. It’s better to have an actual bible on hand but sometimes one isn’t on hand. For that reason I included these online bibles.
YouVersion is another Bible app for mobil devices. I haen’t used it much but from what I’ve seen it’s pretty good.
Other sites of interest
If you want to listen to sermos from some of the more famous pastors in history.
This is a really good site with lots of information. Just have a look.
Another sit full of things to learn and research.
It’s just what it says.
If you’ve wondered why the Bible is arranged the way it is and how it was decided which books were included and which were omitted try here.
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