The Lord's Prayer.... and me Our Father who art in heaven... "YES, I'm here" Huh? "You called me, I'm here" No, I was praying "Ok, well go on then" Our Father who art in heaven "You called me again, I'm here" I was praying the Lord's Prayer, if you don't mind! "I don't mind at all, I am, after all the Father" I never thought about that way before, why are you here anyway? "Well, first, I'm always here. Second, you called me. Go on with your prayer." Ok, Hallowed be Thy Name "Hallowed? Do you even know what that means?" Well of course I do, it means..... "Yes?" Special, honored, stuff like that. "Ah, good, you should know what you're praying about. Go on please." Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done. On Earth as it is in heaven. "Are you sure you want that?" Huh? "Do you REALLY want My kingdom to come and MY will to be done?" Well why wouldn't I? "Well for one thing, your lifestyle would have to change. After all those movies you watch and those words you use would have to go." I never thought of that before, I guess I'm not a saint. "You're no better nor worse than they were. Go on with your prayer." Give us this day our daily bread. "White or wheat?" Huh? "Just joking. All the same you need to stay away from the  white bread, you've got some extra pounds, I noticed." Thank you for noticing "You're welcome, I notice everything." I know, unfortunately. "We'll get to that part next, go on with your prayer." And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. "Ah, we get to the nitty gritty, Do you really want me to forgive you the way you forgave Jeff?" But he really hurt me! "The last time I visited you in person you killed me, I can guarantee you that hurt, but I forgave." I didn't kill you, I wasn't even born yet. "No, but your sins were so bad, your heart so black, that my death was necessary." I know. I'm sorry. "I know you are. And I forgive you." Just like that? "Just like that. You were expecting rays of sunlight or thunder? I can do that if it makes you feel better, but it isn't necessary." No, I believe you, it just seems so simple. "It IS simple, and that's why so many people don't believe it, they want to complicate things. They want to pay their own way. In this case they can't because the price was too high. Go on with your prayer." And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. "I don't lead you there, you find your way there on your own. And I do deliver you from evil, you just choose to turn around and jump right back into it." The devil made me do it! "Nope, he can't make you do anything. I gave you a gift that will stop him in his tracks if you use it wisely." A gift? "Yes, a gift that I gave you, my children, alone out of all of creation." What gift? "A choice." Huh? "A choice. Simple, but precious beyond your understanding. You can turn around and walk away from him, you can say no and laugh in his face. You can choose to not live in fear of him. Oh, how he hates that part." A choice huh? I never really thought of it that way before. "Well think about it long and hard. You'll be amazed at what you discover." Ok, I will. I really want to do what's right. I really do want to understand you better. Why are you smiling? "Because of all of the things that you could ask for, that one makes me happiest." Will you help me? "Of course I will, silly. That's what this is all about." THIS? "Yes, this personal visit. Do we have these conversations every day?" No, but I wish we did. "Ask and you will receive! I can arrange it, you know." Really? Do you have the time? "An eternity. Really, time isn't a factor for me." Maybe, but it IS a factor for me. "No, not for you either. You have an eternity too." No kidding? "No kidding." Oh WOW!, For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever! "Ah, it finally means something for you now. Now its more than just routine words. Prayer, you see, is much more than just words, much more." Amen!
There have been several versions of this made, Mine is was the first version I’ve seen. The point is that this version isn’t a copy of another.
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