Another Perspective This is the message told in a different way. Sometimes hearing (or reading) something from a different point of view can help bring understanding to something. Once upon a time there was a king. Now this king was a good king, He loved his subjects dearly (John 3:16). He had a Son, grown up, strong, smart, and as wise as his father. Now, the king, being a wise king, made a point of keeping track of what was happening in the kingdoms around Him, as any smart king would have. It so happened that in another kingdom a plague had broken out. It started in the food, it was a virus and it was deadly. Everyone that got it died (Romans 6:23). The king didn’t want this plague to get into his land, He didn’t want it to hurt his people, so, He banned all imports from that country, He banned all commerce, all relations, no contact at all. He didn’t do this because He was a jerk, He did it because He loved his people (1John 4:8). Now in the country that had the plague, there was an evil wizard, and he made a lot of money from selling a fake cure, it made people feel better, they thought they were Healed, but the virus was still in them and they died anyway. The evil wizard was rich and controlled the country and made it look like there weren’t any deaths and people believed it. The king wasn’t a dummy though and He knew the evil wizard’s game. He kept an eye on everything that was going on and reminded his people about the ban. "Now remember," He told them, "these things are deadly, if you eat any of it, you will die. (Gen 2:17)" He knew it was a virus, but his people were simple people and didn’t understand things like that so He didn’t explain, He just said "don’t eat it" and left it at that. Some folks misunderstood, they thought He meant it was the death penalty if they broke the rules, they didn’t understand it was for their own good. The evil wizard saw all of that potential profit to be made next door so he took a little trip next door and had a talk with the simple folks (1Peter 5:8). "Now look" he told them, "this stuff isn’t poison and it won’t hurt you, I eat it all the time, do I look dead? (John 8:44) " He talked one person into trying a bite or two. That was it, the plague had arrived in the land. Seeing this, the king was concerned for His subjects and already had a plan to save them. The first thing He did was close the doors to the castle, to separate them from Him. This might seem cruel or cowardly, but it was far from that. The King, you see, had royal blood, and somehow He was immune to the plague, just being around Him would mean that infected people would die right on the spot, so the only thing to do was isolate them from Him. He knew how to cure the plague, but it would take precise timing, it would be expensive and painful. "What are we going to do to help them," asked the Son? So the king told His Son what had to be done, the cure involved his Son, the risk would be to Him and it would be painful and dirty work. But the Son was the Son of the king and had His father’s love and wisdom and He accepted. Generations passed, the plague grew and spread. It got so common that people thought is was part of life, to live for a while, to get sick and die, it was all they had ever seen, all they had ever known. They hadn’t seen the king in ages, none of the younger generations had seen Him, most of the old ones had forgotten Him. In time, most people thought He was a fairy tale, they had been told by parents about the king and how mighty and wise He was, but nobody had ever seen Him, He became a myth (Jeremiah 18:15). When the time was right, the castle gates opened, the Son walked through them, alone, unarmed, naked, Helpless. The king and the Son knew that people had forgotten them, they both knew that a lot of people wouldn’t believe them but it was the only way. The first thing the Son did was get together a small group of helpers; people He knew would believe Him and help Him. Before He could give them the antivirus to pass out, He had to teach them how to use it to cure the sick. Now, they didn’t understand how the medicine was made, or what it would contain, that was above their Heads, all they knew at the time was how to use it and the dosages. When they understood this, the Son’s real work started. Now He had to do what only He could do. He got the plague (2Corinthians 5:21) . His Helpers thought this was terrible, they thought it was the end. They wanted to cure Him, but all He did was tell them to keep starting up new clinics and get people ready (Matthew 28:19). The Son got sick, very sick, He was dying. He could have called the whole thing off at any time. He could have just went home and forgot the whole thing, but if He had saved Himself his people would die. So He endured, He endured the pain, the insults, the utter loneliness. Finally He left for 3 days, to do what had to be done. He shut Himself away in a cave and worked in solitude. His Helpers didn’t know what was going on, the other people made fun of Him. He had told everyone who He was ever since He had walked through the gates and most didn’t believe Him, they made fun of Him and ridiculed Him. They were ignorant, proud, resentful, and full of rebelliousness. Finally, when everyone thought all was lost, that it was all just a hopeless plan, He came out of the cave, cure hand ready to be handed out. Unknown to everyone, He had used the very workshop of the evil wizard to make the cure. Those responsible for the disease were used to make the cure. He started, along with His Helpers, to distribute the cure. "Here is the cure" He told people, "take it and you will be cured." "What is it" some people asked? "What is it made of?" "My blood" He replied (Colossians 1:14) . "I was the only one strong enough to live through the sickness and now my blood is immune to it, once it touches you, you have the same blood that I do, you will be my family, of my blood." Some people barely understood this, some didn’t understand it at all, some understood what it meant perfectly, and some just refused to try to understand. Some took it willingly, some refused it, some didn’t believe it would work. Since they didn’t believe the Son was who He said He was, the cure was powerless. It only had the power to cure if the patient believed in the king and the Son. "Tell everyone you see about the cure, offer it to everyone, it was free to you so give it to everyone freely. Don’t offer it to this person and refuse that person or this group and not that group. It’s here for everyone that will take it." They asked "What if we run out?" "Then more will be given to you, there is more than enough for everyone, don’t worry about running out." "How much does it cost?" some people asked, (they were the ones that didn’t quite understand.) "It was very expensive" replied the Son, "but for you its free, take all you need." Now some people were too proud to accept what they considered charity. They insisted on paying their own way. "You can’t afford it" the Son assured them, "all you can do is accept it or reject it." Some accepted it, some refused and tried to make their own, tried to buy it from other sources, some continued to buy the same fake cures sold by the evil wizard. "Now this is important" said the Son, "everyone in the land will get a chance to take the cure, they can accept it or they can reject it, I won’t force anyone to do anything but understand this: once everyone has been offered the cure, My father will open the castle gates and bring everyone who has been cured inside. Once He does this He will close the gates and no one else will be allowed in and to purge the plague He will give the order to burn everything outside the castle. Anyone not in the castle will be destroyed. Don’t wait too long to get the cure because you never know how much time you have. I don’t even know that." (Matthew 24:36) Some people took the cure right away, some waited, planning to take it later, some laughed and mocked the Son. Some said "if you’re the Son of the king give us proof" The Son could have given them proof, He could have called an army of millions to stand behind Him but that would have removed the choice, It was necessary for people to believe Him because they wanted to, not because they had to, so He didn’t give any proof. Some people thought the king, if He really existed, was harsh and cold and cruel. They didn’t understand. They saw everything as rules and laws that allowed no room for mistake. They didn’t see that the whole reason the king was doing what He was doing was to save his subjects, his children. His goal wasn’t to trip them or to make them afraid to make a move, but to bring them home safely.
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