Ralph's Way He is watching me right now as I type. He sits on the couch impassively and watches me and if I move toward him he gets up and walks away. If I touch him he gets mad but if I don't feed him he gets offended too. "It's ok" they say, "cats are just like that, they're affectionate in their own way." I was at the vet's office with my mother in law's dog and a woman came in carrying a box. She walked to the desk, opened the box, and pulled out a pretty white cat with blue eyes. Her kids had found the cat and wanted to keep it but her lease said NO PETS, and she didn't want to just take it to the pound so she brought it here in hopes they could find a home for it. Her reasons were good, although not practical because if they took every homeless critter that was brought in, they would need a building the size of Texas, so they told her no, they couldn't do anything. But suckers are born every minute. When I left the vet, I was a cat owner. Now, I am definitely not a cat person, I can't stand their attitude. I named this white devil Ralph (excellent name, huh?) and went to the store and got some food and cat litter. When he got to his new home, I was a little uneasy about how he would get along with our dog but he didn't seem to care either way about her. The first day he was great, he played and was cuddly, the day after that he was fine, but the next day when I petted him he walked away like he had no use for me. Typical of a cat, he wants what he wants, when he wants it. He doesn't care about me, how I feel, or how ungrateful he looks. My aunt, who is a cat person reassured me that he will be fine and that I have to leave him alone because cats show affection in their own way. I know a man named Ron, nice guy, I like him. He knows of my thoughts on spirituality and he said to me "I'm religious in my own way" one day while we were driving home from work. I've heard other people say the same thing. What a dumb thing to say, it doesn't take a Bible scholar to see why either. Picture this: God... master designer of every particle in the universe, architect of galaxies, sitting on his throne surrounded by angels (each powerful beyond our wildest dreams) who serve him. An angel standing next to him says "Master, (your name here) doesn't respect you. He/she does what he/she wants, when he/she wants. He/she goes his/her own way and cares only for himself/herself. What will become of him/her?" "It's ok" says God, with a thoughtful and yet sad tone, "he/she shows his/her affection in his/her own way. I wish he/she would show it my way and follow my laws, but he/she wants to do it his/her way." What's wrong with this picture? Need I explain it? One angel, a single one of his servants, has been known to destroy entire cities and defeat entire armies. How much more power and wisdom can the master possess then? What constraint is he under to accept anything our way? Why would he have to do anything OUR way? He wouldn't and doesn't. If we want eternal life, if we want to spend our forever in heaven, it HAS to be done His way. We can't just be part time Christians, praying when we want something, looking to Him when we feel like it, then turning back to the world when we feel like it. Now, I'm not saying we have to go to church every Sunday without fail. I am saying that we must always keep Him in our hearts, in our minds, and in our thoughts. I'm saying we must always love Him, follow him, and learn from Him. If we do that, going to church will follow naturally; faith will follow naturally, a re-defining of who we are will follow naturally. Does this mean we will become another "religious freak" maybe, I don't know, I do know that it will change your life. I do know that you will see life differently. I do know that if people label you a "religious freak" you won't care and that if they call you a "Jesus freak" you will feel honored at being associated with Him. Your way or His way, His way or hell. As always, it's your choice.
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