This article consists of four seperate articles Observations From the Second Floor This is going to be a series of articles based on one theme. I’ve never done this before but it seemed to be the way to approach this one. I guess the best place to start is the beginning. We have a nice state park close to us; it has a nice lake with a nice white beach. It’s not the ocean but this is Missouri so who can complain? At one point we would go over there every afternoon and soak in the lake to cool off. I was sitting there on the beach one hot afternoon, minding my own business. A min van pulled up in the parking lot and people started pointing at me. Well, I wondered what that was about but I was cool, I let it go. Then they all got out and started running toward me, this had me a little worried but I figured they must be after something out in the lake. I was wrong. They all had weird hats and funny shirts but I figured to each his own. Then they all started to gather around me and talk real fast, they were saying something about citations. Ok, that sounded pretty good, I was wondering what kind of a citation they were thinking about and who was the recipient when this old guy scooped a bucket of water from the lake and poured it on my head. Now, I thought that was downright rude but I figured maybe they were Pentecostals and felt the need to baptize me. I was wrong. I was just about to say “Hey! I’m already a Ch…” when all of them except one little old lady started trying to roll me into the lake; I was getting downright put out by now, the little old girl who wasn’t pushing me was talking to me gently; “come on, LIVE! she said in my ear. Swim free! Go join your brothers!” Well, I had had enough by now I said “lady what in the H@!* are you babbling about?” That’s when it got really weird, she screamed like somebody dropped a snake in her petticoat and the others jumped up and one of them shouted something about no citations and they all took off back to their minivan and lit out of the park like a tornado was after them. I was really mad and embarrassed and wet so I decided to just leave and go home. It occurred to me that maybe they weren’t saying citation after all so when I got home I Googled the word Citation along with all the possible ways of spelling it that I could think of.  It was a black day for me, I found out that they weren’t talking about citations, they were talking about cetaceans; whales. I was mortified, shocked, crushed, stupefied. After some considerable thought I decided that I just had to lose some weight and that was that. I mean, what if the next time some lamer confused me with a blimp on the ground? The thought of where they might stick that Helium hose to get me airborne again was enough to convince me that I had to do something and I had to do it now and I had to be serious about it. I live in a small town, but it has a surprisingly good civic center. It has an indoor walking track, air conditioned in the summer heated in the winter. It has a heated Olympic sized pool. Lots of nautilus equipment, stationary bikes to ride, those big plastic balls to exercise with, pretty much everything you can think of for fitness including professional personal trainers. It’s a big, open two level building, the bottom floor consists of 3 basketball courts they double for volleyball and soccer fields, the second level looks out over the lower level and contains the track and nautilus equipment. We try to go there every day for an hour a day; during my time on the bikes and walking like a maniac I’ve done a lot of thinking. A lot of similarities and parallels have come to my mind between Spiritual fitness and Physical fitness. I’ve decided to write them down and put them in a series of articles which I’m going to call ‘Observations from the Second Floor’. The articles aren’t meant to be read in any sequence so just dive in and peruse them in any order. By the way, every time I go to the gym I think of a new article so more will probably be added to this
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