The Parable of the Tree Parable: “A simple story illustrating a moral or religious lesson.” This is a parable. Not one from the bible, just one of mine to make a point. Is it fiction or is it true? Both. This incident didn’t happen to my knowledge but the circumstances happen every day to every one of us. Once upon a time (it seemed like a good way to start), there was a little boy. His favorite place in the whole world was his hiding tree. It was a bushy tree that he often climbed when he wanted to be alone after a bad day at school or after getting in trouble at home. His tree was his sanctuary, he could climb it and disappear from those below because of the dense foliage. One day, he had a bad day at school, his teacher gave him a bad grade, he dropped the ball at recess, bullies, etc. When he got home in a bad mood, his bad day at school followed him. It had rained all the way home and his mother saw his bad mood and tried to ask him what was the matter, but he was in no mood to talk. He just wanted to climb his tree, but it was raining and his mother ordered him to stay in the house. Fuming, he took to his room and tried occupying himself but with no good results. Defiant, he climbed out of his window and made his way, through the thunder and lightening to his tree. The rain blinded him as he climbed the trunk, it was slippery and cold but he ascended anyway. When he got up in the branches, the rain slowed and things weren’t too bad. Until the lightening got closer. It was crashing all around him, he was afraid, but proud and knew he was in trouble when he got home. So he sat there, afraid of being there and afraid of leaving, afraid of his special place and afraid of home. He sat there until dark, then the rain, the cold and the fear became too much and he decided to go home and face the doom that he knew awaited him. He started down, the limbs were wet and hard to see. His foot slipped, His other foot not yet having a hold. Now he was in a mess, Hanging by his hands, which were also wet and cold, he started to cry, alone in the dark. Crying, wet, in the dark, afraid, he wished his father was there. “Daddy” he whispered to himself, knowing that no one would be out in the rain at night. From below him came the voice. “I’m here, son, just let go.” Could it have been the wind?, his imagination? If he was imagining it and let go he would break a leg or worse. “Just let go, son, I’ll catch you” the voice repeated. “I’ve been here all along, waiting for you to come down, I knew you would need help. Just let go.” This is the end of the parable. What did he do? What do you do? Letting go is hard, sometimes it’s the hardest thing we ever do. Whether it is a relationship, a job, a lifestyle or a life, letting go is hard. I can write volumes and still can’t prove that God is there and will catch us. It’s a matter of faith. Believing that there is someone there to catch us even when we can’t see them IS faith, in its purest form. I can’t prove it to you, no one can. I can only say that God loves us as any father loves His children, only more, and He won’t let us fall. He might let us sit alone in the cold and dark, waiting for us to call out to Him, He might let us dangle precariously but he will be there to catch us nevertheless. It’s your choice.
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