What I CAN Do What can I do? Someone whom I have loved for half of my life has been told that she might have cancer. Everyone in her family; her mother, aunts and uncles on both sides of her family, her cousins have all had to fight the fight with it, and all of them have lost. She is the last of her large family. She has a son and two daughters that need her, and she will be a grandmother in a few short months. What's left after all of the tears have been cried? What's left after I have screamed with all of the breath I can find? Who do I blame? God? The world? Her? The devil? I've known her for 26 years, For 21 of those years we were married, her three children are my three children. Why couldn't we have had a "normal" divorce? Why couldn't we have parted company and gotten on with our lives never seeing or thinking about each other? That would have been so much easier. But it wasn't like that. We still care for each other. Though we aren't in love with each other, we still love each other. Not as man and wife, but as friend to friend. Even as I write this, my eyes are filled with tears and I feel like shouting my rage at the heavens. But God isn't to blame. When you throw a rock into a pond, you get ripples, when you touch a stove, you get burned, when you make a mistake, you have to live with it or die with it. Eve made a bad mistake, and now all of us are stuck with the consequences of that mistake. I know, you don't think it's fair. Well, first, nothing in this world is fair and no one ever promised us that it would be. Second, Eve made the bad choice, but any of us, without the advantage of hindsight would have made the same choice. Who could refuse the promise to be made as gods? Her decision would have been our decision. "But it wasn't MY choice" we protest, (I've been through this myself), why should I have to pay for her mistake? It wasn't the choice of the little baby, born addicted to heroin. It was because of it's mother's choice, it had to live with the mistake. That's the worst part of a mistake, it doesn't only affect the person who made it. It affects others as well. It was the same thing with Eve's bad choice, except it not only affected her and everyone who ever lived after her, but it affected everything in creation. Like a virus, sin infected every atom, every cell, every molecule in the universe. And like a virus, we all must feel its effects and it must run its course. God never wanted any of this to happen, it was our choice. True, He gave us that choice, but what we do with it is up to us. He never said He would save us from our own stupidity, especially when He warned us ahead of time. Here is something that MUST be remembered and understood about God because without understanding this fact, nothing makes sense: He works within the rules that He sets. He made rules to be followed, and He works within those rules. He told Eve that if she ate the fruit (it wasn't an apple, by the way, we don't know what it was), she would die. So now, we die, so now all of creation is flawed, so now there are floods, earthquakes, wars, famines, disease, and death. Some people say death is part of life.... A natural thing. WRONG, man was never intended to die, not for an instant. God designed these bodies to exist forever. That's why death is so terrifying, our bodies and our souls fear it because it's unnatural. So what can He do if He's so powerful? He works within his own rules. We have to die, but we don't have to stay that way and we only have to do it once. We have to cross through that dark, terrifying tunnel, but He will be waiting at the other end, arms open, ready to catch us when we come through. He will be waiting to give us a new body that doesn't get old, sick, or break down. He will be waiting to give us new clothes, He will be waiting to give us a new life. And all we have to do is accept Him, who He is, what He expects from us, and what he will do and has done for us. So it isn't God's fault. He always gets a bum rap. People always blame Him when something bad happens like He's the one behind it. He never wanted any of us to ever cry or hurt, that was our choice as a species. The world is just that; the world, it has no choice in what happens, we were put in charge of it and look what happened, we ruined it. I can't blame the world. I can't blame the afflicted person, at least not completely. Then that leaves the devil, the true culprit. It was he that set the whole thing in action, it is he that wants to destroy all of creation. Why? I don't know, I wasn't there. My personal feeling is that he knows he is beaten and he wants to drag as much down with him as he can because God loves his creation and he hates God. What can I do? I can shout, cry, shake my fist at heaven, and place blame. It won't change a thing except to feed the rage already growing inside me. I'm powerless to change her physical condition. Ultimately all I have is faith, but faith is all I need. Faith enables me to believe that God will keep her safe, and if it must be that she can't be safe, then I must have faith that He will do what's best for everyone. I must have faith to believe that out of a bad thing, He will bring something good, even if I don't see it personally. If you, after reading this have rethought the way you see life or God then something good has come of all of this. If a small spark of faith has been begun to glow inside of you, then my tears will not have been useless.
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