Why did God do that? It was just another evening, My parrot was flitting around the room searching things he could get into. It took him the longest time to trust me enough to come out of his cage, I didn't want to make him mad by making him go back into it. The dog was lazy as usual and didn't want to move so I could put my feet up, as usual. The news was dismal and showed little hope for the world, as usual, and dishes had to be washed, as usual. On the news came a story about a small town somewhere (I forgot where) that had been destroyed by a Tornado. It was one of the Midwest farming communities where people still respect hard work, honesty, and God. The reporter had a clip of a little girl and her mom. They were wet, shivering, and wearing what they still could identify as their own clothes. Homes were shattered, incomes were lost, lives were shattered and loved ones were lost. The reporter held the mic close to the pair and the little girl asked her mother "mommy, why did God do this?" Her question was one that a lot of us wanted to know. It wasn't asked out of anger or disrespect, it was asked out of innocence. It was a good question too, but we need to keep some things in mind when searching for that answer. God didn't necessarily do it. Every time a disaster or calamity happens and nature acts up, there are those who right away point to God's wrath. They claim that he did it because he is mad at us. These people will someday be held accountable for what they preach, as we all will. God's wrath was drowned in the blood of his son. When Jesus said "it is finished", it was, is, and always will be finished. So why the bad things? That part at least is pretty simple. When you touch a stove you get burned. When Eve broke the rules, all of creation was corrupted, for all time. She broke God's laws, but he himself obeys his own laws. So if you ask "if he's God then he can do whatever he wants, so he could stop all of this stuff." Yes, he could, but then he would be breaking the rules, and he wouldn't be God then. In a fallen creation, bad things will happen. Innocent will die, bad guys will win (for the moment), and justice will be twisted and perverted. In a fallen creation, tornados will destroy lives, floods will wipe out crops, plagues will spread like wildfire, and wildfire will be a plague. God gets a lot of blame he doesn't deserve. We see the things that happen but we don't see the things that he does step in and stop before we ever see them coming. We don't thank him for keeping trouble from touching us because we don't even know that he took care of the problem. God is a God of love..... he isn't here to trip us or catch us on technicalities. He isn't sitting there writing down every infraction while mumbling to himself and snickering. He isn't waiting to close the door in our face because we got a test question wrong. There will be tests, yes, but he will be there doing everything he can do (and that's a lot) to help us. He doesn't want us to fail, he wants us to succeed. Yes, the gates of heaven will eventually close, but not until everyone who is coming home arrives. If we love him, if we trust him, if we learn from him, if we give ourselves to him, we will never se the outside of the doors. While I'm on the subject, I have to say also, that God is also a God of lost causes in many ways. He specializes in fixing things that are impossibly broken. When the bad things do happen, when tornados do demolish towns and lives, when a house burns and it's full of children, when the one we love dies of some terrible disease, when all we own seems to be lost, when we wonder why, he has already worked out how to bring good from bad. When bad things happen to good people, even if we don't see it, even if we don't see any possible thing that could possibly happen that is good about the shape things are in, he will bring some good from it. As in everything, it requires faith.
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