Doctrinal Statement Persons associated with this ministry believe; 1.  That the Bible is the inspired word of God. 2. That there is one God who eternally exists in three persons.  Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 3. That Jesus was born of a virgin and is fully God and fully man.  That He led a sinless life and died that He might save men from their sin and give them eternal live.  He was raised bodily from the grave as assurance that everything He said was true.  That He will return visibly when and how He chooses to judge the living and the dead. 4. The personality and full deity of God the Holy Spirit sent into the world to draw men to Jesus and enable those saved to live the Christian life. 5. That man is hopelessly sinful and totally lost and without the new birth by faith in Jesus Christ, the wrath of God will abide on the lost forever. 6. In the final estate of man; for the saved, eternal life in the new heavens and new earth in which righteousness will dwell.  For the unsaved, eternal damnation and separation from God and His Kingdom. 7. That the Church, the body of Christ, the true Israel of God, consists of those who have put full trust in Jesus as Savior, and truly believe that there is not another name under heaven or by which we can be saved.  That the primary work and purpose of His Church is to preach the Gospel to all men an all nations until He returns.
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