My darkest day My Confession) Back in the early 80s my life was a mess. My first marriage was falling apart, it was mainly my fault. Mistake one. I met a girl that I thought was the greatest girl in the world. We decided to move in together. That was mistake two. Of course we ended up with her being pregnant. Mistake three. My parents were furious, as were hers. They all said they would never speak to us again. I should have acted like a man, planted my feet and stood my ground, but I didn’t. Someone I worked with suggested  an abortion. We, my at the time girl friend talked it over, neither of us liked the idea but no alternatives could be seen. We decided to do it. My fourth and worst mistake. We had it done. Even now I remember the shattered look on her face after it was done. We got married and 20 years later it still haunted her.
Since then we’ve parted ways marrying her was mistake five. I still speak with her now and then, I think she’s found forgiveness as have I. For the rest of my life I’ll cry  quietly, every night and wonder about the child I had murdered.
To take a stand ( Why I’m doing this ) In 1973 I was a Junior in high school. I didn’t pay much attention to the news, I was too busy trying to survive high school. Had I kept up with the news I would have known about one of the most heinous, one of the most disgraceful events this country has ever known. I am now sixty years old and as of the time I’m making this site and as of now nothing has eclipsed the evil spawned by that act. This horror was the Roe vs. Wade debacle enacted by the Supreme Court. Since then 57,762,169 children didn’t get the chance to survive high school, in fact they didn’t get a chance to be born because they were murdered. Let’s put this in perspective. Hitler was responsible for 5,933,900 deaths. Stalin was responsible for 40 million Their combined total was  45 933 900 lives snuffed out. Even with two of the most horrible leaders of all time combined, America still has more blood on it’s hands. I simply cannot live my life and die without doing everything in my power to fight this infanticide.
5,933,900 40,000,000 57,762,169