This is not a religious issue. Whether you read this and are Christian, atheist, Muslim, Hindu, Rastafarian, Wiccan, or whatever you are (everybody believes something, even if it’s nothing) This issue applies to you. You might think it doesn’t. If you think it doesn’t, you’re sadly wrong. Here’s why: 57 million lives snuffed out, 57 million little bodies treated like garbage and disposed of. WHAT IF those babies would have been allowed to live? That would be 57 million more brains to solve problems. Maybe there would be no aids, no cancer, no diabetes, no leukaemia. If Only
A lot of pain, no gain. There is this mindset going around these days that abortions are easy and have no side effects. Well of course abortion clinics will say that, they want your money. I can tell you from personal experience that there are indeed side effects.
How to murder a person and get away with it.. Whether you plan on having an abortion or not you should see this and finally this. If after these video clips you still think it’s ok to murder a baby, a person with all the same parts that you have, has the same emotions, feels pain like you do, Then I can only cry for the life you’ve taken.