Alternatives to Abortion. Everybody wins. murder
If you don’t want a baby there are other options to abortion (honestly, this is the most repulsive word I know and it both infuriates me and  sickens me.)  SO, lets move to a happier topic, that being alternatives. As far as I know in every state you can take the infant under a certain number of weeks old to a fire station, police station, or hospital with no questions asked,  no blame, no legal issues. If you do this, you’re alive, the baby is alive, and some young parents get what they dream about. I find it ironic and tragic that in our own country there are thousands of couples who fall asleep at night with tears in their eyes because they long for a baby and yet at the same time a baby they would cherish and love is being coldly murdered for money. Consider it, please. I mentioned above there is always adoption. There are several options here. You can opt for a total separation where the mother just rids herself, and never see the infant again, never know where it is, it is just gone….but alive. There is a partially open adoption, where you, the mother as some information like where it is and maybe pictures of it. There is also an open adoption. In this case the mother knows everything bout the baby’s life and can visit him or her occasionally. In most states, probably all of them have pregnancy resource centrers where you can get free diapers and baby food. They also have group classes of women who are new mothers. These courses are usually very helpful. This is a list of all of the resource centers throughout the country here 
More resources as I find them