If you want to join this battle I salute you, seriously. You’ll be attacked both verbally and physically. It’s not an easy battle but it’s the fight worth fighting. You might literally save lives. Yeah, it’s that important.  under no circumstances do I advocate or agree with violent protests, unless for self defense. If you feel up to the verbal attacks, you  can take a stand by joining a protest, a peaceful one. In my opinion the best measure of a person is how firmly they take a stand for what they think  is right. Sadly, many so called pro life see note 1 people are just as firmly entrenched as I am.
Almost everybody is on social media, which in itself is a vastly underrated tool. You can pass this site around if you’re not the type that will stand holding a sign all day. If passing his site around is too much, you can the graphics below around. Right now there aren’t very many but I’ll add more as I add them.
Note 1  The term “Pro Choice” has to be the most hypocritical term in the world. When a person claims to be Pro Choice, they mean THEIR choice. Not the life inside of them and sometimes not the father.
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